Waterproof jackets are a definite at this time of year. It’s not yet cold enough for winter coats but they definitely need something plus you never know when it might rain.

This year we were super organised and ready for the change in weather.

Rosie didn’t need a new jacket this year. She hasn’t grown that much in the body, just the legs so her last years Frugi jacket still fits perfectly. We are both really pleased about this as we love it and it suits her perfectly. It still looks new too. We decided that the other girls should have similar jackets so they all looked good in Mummy’s photos. The animal theme just went on from there.

A little while ago we picked this gorgeous pink dalmatian jacket form Joules for Daisy. It is so cute and she adores it. It’s fleecy inside too so nice and cosy. Unlike last year when she never wanted to wear a coat, she can’t wait to put this on. Its just so pretty.

Next up is Poppy and she has the horse print jacket also from Joules. Rosie had the wellies last year and Poppy always loved the print so when we found the jacket in her size we grabbed it. She too is delighted.

Warm and cosy and protected from the wind and rain, these girls look great.

Lots more photos coming soon.

Karen x