What do you do when rain is forecast all weekend?

Last weekend we were hoping to go away. We had been planning it for a month but every time I found somewhere I liked the look of, husband said “looks good, we will look together at the weekend” or something like that. Anyway by the time we were able to sit down together and look, everywhere I had found had gone or was a bit expensive for a rainy two night stay.

I was devastated. I found lots of two night stays for the Saturday and Sunday evening but not the Friday and Saturday evening. Anyway we decided, even though it was forecast rain all weekend we were going to get out and enjoy some quality family together:

Somewhere we have been wanting to go for ages is the Cheddar Gorge and caves so we packed a huge picnic, piled on the layers and waterproof coats/ wellies and off we went. Halfway there, Husband turned to look at me and said “the fog is so low we are not going to be able to see a thing up there”. I knew he was right, so we had a chat and decided to head to a National Trust place we have been eying up for a while and then a visit to the nearby beach instead. Turned out it was a great idea, well we do love our National Trust days out:

Tynesfield is an amazing Victorian Gothic Revival house with gardens and parkland. Its a great location, close to Bristol and very family friendly. We will definitely be heading back another weekend when the weather warms up and the gardens are all open as they looked beautiful There are so many areas to explore. We did play outdoors before and after looking at the house but most of this visit happened indoors. They were very good to the girls, talking to them and keeping them interested. It makes the visit so much more enjoyable when the staff are as good as this. They had a lovely time:

The beach was very close by but was very rocky. The mud was also a bit like sinking mud but did my girls care? Not at all. They loved it:

The girls were just delighted to be able to run to the sea…up until Daisy fell over that was. It always happens doesn’t it? Usually I would have spare clothes but not today as this visit was unplanned. It didn’t ruin the day though. She might have said “this wasn’t a very good idea of yours to come to the beach in the rain Mummy” and she might have cried when she first fell but as she can see she soon started smiling again and we didn’t rush home:

It might not have been the weekend with a hot tub that I had wanted but it really was a lovely day. I guess some plans are meant to be changed.

Karen x