We love it in this house, when a brand we love keeps on delivering amazing products we didn’t know we needed and then can’t live without. This is how we feel about Tidy Books and particularly the Tidy Books Bunk Bed Buddy.

A few years ago we were sent a beautiful alphabet bookcase tor review. The same bookcase is still in Daisys room today and has been used daily since the day it arrived. Adored by all three girls it has been well used but still looks just as good today as it did back then, despite moving room and house several times.

When we moved into our new home in June this year, one of the first things we brought was the Tidy Books Forget Me Not notice board. This product has honestly been life changing for us. It’s actually turned me from a really forgetful Mum into a pretty organised one. My old friends/other school mums will be shocked. A whole other post though I think.

However, in this post I want to specifically mention the bunk bed buddy. I spotted these a few years ago when we had no need for them. However, as soon as we decided to change Poppys bed into a mid sleeper and Rosies into a high sleeper I knew we definitely needed them. We were very kindly sent one for review so only needed to buy one. If you wold like one for your child then please do keep reading as there is a discount code at the bottom of this post.

The girls absolutely adore having a little space to put their bits and bobs. Gone are the days when their books drop down the side of their beds, clattering onto the floor before waking them…yes that actually happened! They also no longer worry about finding their way out of bed if they need to use the bathroom. Now they have everything close to hand: little reading lights, night lights, books, drinks and trinkets. I can’t tell you how happy they are.

A a parent I love the fact that the bunk bed buddy arrives already built. All you need to do is screw it to the wall with three screws. Easy enough. I must admit we were quite surprised at how light they felt but once out of the box you can see how well built they are too. There is nothing flimsy about them and we are very happy.

Both the big girls rooms are coming along nicely now. They are not quite ready for a full room review but we will give you a little sneak peek here. Rosies bedroom is multicoloured and bright ( for the record it is NOT a rainbow room and there is not a single rainbow in sight!). Whilst Poppys is mostly pink and aqua it looks great against the cool looking feature wallpaper she chose herself. It’s amazing how different the two rooms look despite having the same bed, reading light and bunk bed buddy above them.

The bunk bed buddy has literally transformed their little spaces into something much cosier. At ages 7 and 9 years they  adore having their own little space and making it personal to them. They happily enjoy alternating their books and toys and even have a space for a drink, clock and small toys. It’s just what they need. We could have put up a little shelf but this is so much better. Everything is secure and can’t fall out. Perfect for these girls.

In fact Poppys was only up for a week or two before we decided to wallpaper and had to take it down. It was amazing how quickly she missed it. She said her books and stuff kept falling off her bed and was insistent it was put back up as soon as the paper had dried.

Not just for bunk beds either, personally we think these would work well in a small room with a single bed too. Perhaps where there’s no room for a bedside table. A brilliant invention!

Another great product from Tidy Books that definitely gets the thumb up from this family.

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Happy shopping.

Karen x

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