Anyone who reads this blog or who follows me on instagram will know that we adore dresses in this house. We love girls clothes in general but dresses are our thing:

Being brand reps for Lilly and Sid has been the most amazing six months for my girls. During this time we have been sent some of the most beautiful clothes including the most amazing dresses and they have loved every minute of it:

Sadly our time is ending now but Lilly and Sid are on the look out for new reps. Could it be your thing? If you have children aged 0-8 years, love their clothes and are happy to share 3 photos a week which Lilly and Sid can use across their channels then you should definitely go for it. Full details are here;

I say it all the time but we really do adore their designs and their fabrics. They are so bright and colourful, with fully skirts that are made to dance and twirl in. Ruffles that are just delightful and prints your children will love:

One of the things we have really enjoyed is being taken out of our comfort zone. Being sent things that we might not have necessarily chosen ourselves. It is these items that have actually turned out to be our favourite ones. Take this dress;

We probably would have never picked this one out for Daisy. I couldn’t give you a good reason why not other than we would have chosen others first. However,  when it arrived we were thrilled. It was the first dress Daisy wanted to wear and she still adores it now. It really does look beautiful on her. She actually wears it a lot and we all love it.

Then there is this one:

I definitely would never have chosen this thinking the colours were too dark for us. However, the second we opened the parcel and saw it, we loved it. It’s beautiful. In fact we loved it so much so, that we brought the same but different one for Rosie. They are both really gorgeous and suit their little personalities perfectly. They are probably the most worn ones and we never would have picked them out ourselves. Thats the beauty of being brand reps…you get to try new things and then share them with others who might have been like you:

Lilly and Sid clothes are not just made for parties and special occasions. They are made to live in, to play in and to last. You definitely get your moneys worth as years later they can be handed down to siblings and younger friends and still look brand new. I can’t tell you how well they wash but can say that Rosie now wears Poppys old dresses and Daisy wears Rosie’s:

Another thing we love about Lilly and Sid is the twinning or same but different factor. They have lots of clothes that you can mix and match to look a bit different, meaning that even the baby can kind of match older ones. They often have reversible skirts too which are fantastic. We love this years swan/floral one. its beautiful:

We just can’t wait for them to stock bigger sizes now which they do have plans to do. Our almost 9 year old is super tall and can’t wear much of their stuff anymore. She still gets a little bit sad about that when she sees how happy these girls are:

Just to finish off here’s just a few more photos. We have taken so many its unreal:

Thank you so much Lilly and Sid for having us. We can’t wait to see who you choose next, their lovely photos and of course the new collection. I had best get saving as am going to miss my generous discount!

You haven’t lost us though. It’s not really goodbye. We will still continue wearing and sharing your clothes for as long as they still fit:

Thanks again.

Karen xxx