This Christmas we were fortunate to have not just one snow day but about three of them:

Last time it snowed the girls were so young, they could barely remember it. They did remember that we couldn’t buy a sledge anywhere, they had all sold, out so Mummy made one out of a tray and dressing gown belt and pulled them around the garden. I then went on to buy them one as soon as they came back in stock but it had never been used as it didn’t snow again,,,, until now:

Here’s a few photos of the girls having fun in the snow. Of course there were snow angels, snowball fights and ice skating too:

Lots of winter fun.

One day I’d love to take the girls skiing, preferably back to Canada where Poppy was born and of course I’d love to take them to Lapland too. For now though this was enough to put smiles on their faces.

Hope you got to enjoy some fun in the snow too.

Karen x