Poppy’s legs have grown again and all her dresses and skirts have turned into mini ones. She is definitely in need of a wardrobe update but where to shop for her?

I do love shopping for girls, just in case you hadn’t noticed. Spring/Summer fashions are definitely my favourite too. However, I do sometimes find it hard to find nice clothes that aren’t too boring, too grown up or too black for my eldest one. After all, she is still a little girl even if she doesn’t think she is.

Anyway, whilst browsing for wallpaper for our living room I stumbled across Esprit (Did you know they sell wallpaper? I definitely didn’t). Well Esprit is somewhere I used to shop for me when I was younger but haven’t brought anything from in years. I remembered how much I loved their clothes so had a look for my girls. Aimed at children aged 2-14 there was plenty for all three of them but for the purpose of this post I am just going to look at items for Poppy.

She is growing up and definitely has a style of her own. She likes classic clothes, still likes dresses as long as they are not too frilly but now likes to look “cool” too. She loves colour, especially pink and aqua and she loves denim. Here’s a few things I picked out for her in no particular order:

These are all from the Youth range aged 9-14 years. I was really impressed that you could find everything from party dresses to jeans, pyjamas and even underwear all in one place.

The weather isn’t that warm yet so I’ve included a jumper, sweatshirt and hoody. She’s not big on these items as is always warm but I’m sure she would approve of these. She would especially like number 2. It would look fab with jeans or even her denim skirt I brought recently.

My favourite outfit is the middle one – Items 5 and 6. Poppy’s old denim dress is indecently short so we passed it down to Rosie last  weekend. This new one would be the perfect replacement and the top would be deemed “cool”.

Three pretty dresses that aren’t too frilly and even a sparkly heart t-shirt in her favourite colour aqua would definitely make her smile. All the colours would look fab together too. I thought the underwear set looked a bit more grown up than her current ones as well.

So what do you think? Good choices or not? Where do you shop for your big girls?

I would love to hear from you.

Karen x

*This is a collaborative post