As the girls get older, I find it more difficult to find toys that they will actually sit and play with. However, we have recently found something that catches the interest of all three (ages 6, 8 and 10 Years). They even play together for hours. Recently their boy cousins came to stay who were equally  fascinated. What are these amazing toys I hear you ask? Well it’s the adorable Fingerlings:

Poppy and Daisy already had one each but Rosie didn’t. Then a few weeks ago, the girls were kindly sent the new fingerling BFF sets. One set each:

Ashley and mini Chance, Violet and mini Hope, Billie and mini Aidan.

Each set includes a baby monkey and a mini one. The larger ones are the usual interactive pets whilst the smaller ones don’t interact. They can however, hang from the bigger ones, cuddle and play.

My girls were delighted with them and were keen to help with this review too. Between us, we decided it shouldn’t be the usual “this toy is cool” review. Instead we decided that reasons why fingerlings are so popular with children would be much more helpful in the run up to Christmas. So here they are. Four reasons why Fingerlings are popular with children:

1. There is so much choice with Fingerlings.

Fingerlings come in a range of animals (including monkeys, unicorns, sloths, dragons and dinosaurs etc) and a variety of different colours. From pretty pastels to dark colours including black. This means there’s something for everyone regardless of gender, taste or personality. Not many toys do this:

2. Fingerlings talk to each other and you.

These cute little animals interact with over 40 sounds and animations.They respond to sound, motion and touch with blinks, expressive head turns and chatter. They even interact with each other. Blow these cute monkeys a kiss and you’ll get a kiss back! Clap your hands to make them turn their head and put them all together to watch them interact and babble excitedly. When you think they need a rest, lie them on their back and gently rock to sleep. The children adore them but even parents will find themselves picking them up and petting them. Hours of fun guaranteed:

3. Fingerlings can hang.

Fingerlings  love hanging off everything from children’s fingertips which is fun, to plants, beds, shelves and anywhere really, There are little play sets you can buy for them to play and hang off. My girls now have one each and love putting them all close together but equally they can be found hanging all over the house. It does make me smile to see them.

4. The mini ones can be pencil toppers

Each Fingerlings Baby Monkey in the BFF series has a mini monkey pal who loves hanging from their tail or balancing on your fingers. We’ve even attached ours to the top of pencils which has brought lots of entertainment. The girls would like a few more of these little ones. I’m thinking they would be great stockng fillers/ small gift ideas:

These girls have spent so much time playing with their Fingerlings that we actually brought our eight year old nephew a dinosaur one for his birthday. He had never seen them before but was absolutely thrilled with it. Secretly his ten year old brother was a bit taken with it too and would quite like one for Christmas. Seeing the dinosaur interact with the monkeys was quite funny.

So that’s three girls and two boys aged 6,7,8,9 and 10 Years who all think they are pretty cool. I think that’s a definite thumbs up from us.

Have you discovered Fingerlings yet?

Karen x

* A collaborative post