Apart from a slightly sicky start, it's been a lovely week in this house because Daddy's home…..yeeehhhh! We've all been very happy to see him again and he's glad to be back too. It's also been lovely and warm so we've been enjoying plenty of time outdoors and I've enjoyed getting the real camera out again.


Day 286 – “Fun In The Garden”



Day 287 – “Loving The Slide”



Day 288 – “Fresh From The Scoot Home”



Day 289 – “Bedtime Stories With Daddy”



Day 290 – “Daddy's Gifts”



Day 291 “Having Fun Shelling Peas”



Day 292 – “Ready For Ballet”

(Poppy looks grumpy as just wanted to go not have photo taken)



Sunday – it was a very quiet day. Unfortunately Poppy wasn't feeling great last night or today and Daisy was sick this evening too 🙁 We enjoyed a very lazy day because of it with a little playing in the garden. Everyone perked up though when Daddy came home at 5.30pm instead of the 9pm we were expecting 🙂

Monday – Poppy and Rosie were at School/ Preschool all day today so it was a very quiet day. I do enjoy spending some quality time with Daisy on these days though and then we all played out together after School.

Tuesday – A bit of a quiet day really. The usual School/Preschool runs, playing and naps. Quite warm so played outside after school again. We are making the most of it being so mild. I love this picture of Poppy all flushed after being on her scooter.

Wednesday – Rosie has the day off Preschool today so we all popped round to my friends to meet her new baby properly. He was absolutely gorgeous and so tiny, it was lovely to have a cuddle. Later Husband came home early which made the girls day and tonight he gave them all light sticks to play with. The girls thought they were amazing (even Daisy). They are just so happy to have him back as you can see from this picture.

Thursday – Poppy had the day off school due to the Teachers strike but Rosie still had Preschool this morning which was a bit weird. We had a busy morning though, we went for a coffee/ play at a friends house and then Daisy had a Doctors appointment. Looks like she might have an egg allergy! Later Nanny popped in briefly. This photo shows the girls playing with their light sticks in the bath.

Friday – Poppy had a school trip today and came home exhausted poor thing. Rosie had great fun helping Daddy shell peas for tea. A lady at Husbands work has an allotment and keeps sending lots of lovely fresh vegetables our way, the girls love it.

Saturday – The morning was taken up by the usual ballet and tap lessons and then this afternoon was a pretty quiet one due to the rain. After tea it brightened up enough for a cycle outside though & a chance for me to catch up with all our neighbours.


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