We do love pretty things in this house. So when the opportunity to review some pretty Mum and Daughter jewellery for both myself and the girls arrived, I jumped at the chance. They are all getting a bit older now and have started to show a real interest in jewellery. Like most children, they are complete magpies and adore pretty, sparkly things. I haven’t actually brought any before now worrying they might be too young.

Kaya Jewellery  changed that for us. Real jewellery for children and their Mums, made right here in the UK. It’s gorgeous. Not only do they sell lots of pretty, twinkly things that the special ones in your life will love but they also like to give back to charity too. They support Eduki, The Education For Kids Foundation helping under privileged children in Gambia go to School. A very worthwhile cause. I really do like to buy products from companies and work with Brands that do this sort of thing.

mum and Daughter jewellery

So back to the jewellery. I chose a very pretty but simple necklace with three little stars to represent my three little girls. To my complete surprise we were actually sent one each and the girls were delighted. Free packaging is included with every gift and I must admit I am a sucker for packaging. I love things to be wrapped up pretty.

This was lovely. Each girl has their own little bag with a cleaning cloth to help them look after their beautiful necklace. To say they were happy was an understatement. They are really looking after them too. This was their faces as they opened them.


The necklaces themselves are made of real .925 Sterling Silver and the stars are solid silver with a layer of rhodium. The rhodium coat gives a warm shine to the colour and enhances the durability. The necklace is 40 cm long with a 5 cm extension chain, for a good fit. The stars measure 12 mm, 10 mm and 8 mm including the eyelet.

The girls were thrilled and want to wear them every day. To be honest I love mine just as much. Everyone who has seen them thinks they are beautiful.

I think the fact that they all have one each and so do I makes it extra special for all of us. It really is good idea:

Mum and daughter jewellery

Do you like twinning with your girls and do you have any Mum and Daughter  jewellery yet? I’d love to hear from you.

Karen x