Addicted to blogging

Oh dear, I think I am becoming addicted to this blogging.  I am having great fun designing my page, writing in my blog and looking at other Mummy blogs to the extent that I can’t wait for the girls to get to bed.  My Husband took Poppy out earlier for a few hours and normally […]

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Sisters and Dads x

I am not sure if I have mentioned it before but my Sister is also writing a blog Not yet a yummy Mummy.  It was her who started first and got me interested.  Anyway, she has decided what a lovely day it would be to attend the CyberMummy conference in June together. A chance for […]

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Laptops and Coffee

I have not written much the past few days as I have my Nana to stay and feel a bit rude keep turning my laptop on.  It doesn’t help that the fan is going on it, so everytime I turn it on it sounds as though it is about to take off…a little bit unsocialble […]

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