Busy weekend and very good friends

What a lovely but busy weekend!  It has been a perfect time for catching up with family and friends but I have felt as though I am running a B&B!  First My Nana left on Friday, a few hours later my Mother-in-Law and her partner arrived for the night, they left the following morning and […]

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Baking with Nana

I love my Mum dearly but she does have this annoying habbit of not reading instructions or following recipies.  Anyway, now I know where she gets it from…her Mum!!  My Nana has been staying with me and yesterday we decided that her and Poppy would do some baking together, just like we used to when […]

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Pretty hair and Princesses

Today was the day at two and a half, Poppy had her first hair cut.  How exciting.  I was slightly concerned about how she would behave and have been preparing her for a few weeks.   I decided it would be nice if I had mine done at the same time  and feeling excited about the […]

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