There’s nothing like a bright orange pumpkin to make you think about autumn. I feel like all I’ve done is moan recently about being poorly so here’s a happy, brightly coloured Autumn post to brighten up your day.

With everyone feeling a tiny bit better on Saturday Mummy decided some fresh air would do us all the world of good. However, I knew no-one was up for walking miles and energy was severely lacking after being poorly so decided a trip to the pumpkin farm would be fun! We had visited Crockford Bridge Farm Shop and PYO last year (you can read about that visit here) and were quite excited about a return visit. We were definitely not disappointed and actually  thought it was even better than last year:


Okay, so there might have been a bit of winging whilst out (mainly from Daisy who we didn’t realise was still pretty sick). However, it wasn’t anywhere near as much as we had been having at home. There were also more smiles and giggles from the three of them then we had seen in a while:


I don’t think I need to say too much as the photos show you how lovely it was. There were pumpkins in all different shapes and sizes ranging from a tiny 1Ib to a massive 28Ib. They came in a variety of colours too. There really is something for everyone. Daisy quite fancied this one, it was almost as big as her!


We had fun exploring the pumpkin patch. The only disappointment is that you can’t actually get out in the field to pick your own from the ground. However, the reason for this is:

The problem, unlike America, is that we often experience ground frost in this country the end of September and early October. These can seriously damage the pumpkins and make their bottoms (or patches) go soggy. It is a risk we cannot afford to take, which is why all the pumpkins will have to be picked out of the fields before, to avoid damage.


Despite not being to actually get out in the field in our wellies to pick our own, we still had a lovely time and thought it was a great way to spend a saturday:

pumpkins-1-2 pumpkins-1-39 pumpkins-1-38

pumpkins-1-27 pumpkins-1-25 pumpkins-1-24 pumpkins-1-23

pumpkins-1-18 pumpkins-1-19

A bit of fresh air put a bit of colour in all our cheeks and made us all feel a bit brighter even if it was only for a while. The girls even found the energy to play in the play park and we brought them all a little ice cream from the “I Screem Parlour” too:


pumpkins-1-35 pumpkins-1-34 pumpkins-1-33 pumpkins-1-32


A really lovely few hours. Have you been to a pumpkin farm before?


As always linking in with the lovely Fiona and Country Kids. Do come and join in if you have ben having fun out doors this week.


Karen x