This year has gone so quickly it has been unbelievable and these three girls have all grown up so much:

Poppy is still the sensible one but after sitting and passing her Grammar test this year, she has enjoyed being less serious and more fun, experimenting with her sillier side. She wants to study marine biology/conservation and work with dolphins in the future. But for now she enjoys gymnastics, singing and dancing and having fun with her friends. She wants to get into tumbling next so watch this space.

Rosie had a horrid time with glandular fever earlier this year which affected her for four months! Despite missing lots of school, she managed to keep up with her work and since recovering has bounced back to life. Like both her sisters, she enjoys gymnastics, singing and dancing. She also recently went to a mermaid party so now wants her own tail. She has also been learning origami which she adores and continues to read everything she can get her hands on. She gets on with everyone and is a happy go lucky little girl. She still loves animals and hopes to become a vet when she’s older.

Daisy has grown up so much this year. Especially now she is in Year 2. She has always been the trickiest one but she has calmed down a teeny tiny bit this year. She loves rainbows and fairies as well as gymnastics, singing and dancing. She has finally started to enjoy reading and l think bath time and story time are still her faveourite times of the day. She is a noisy little thing who makes my ears ring daily and enjoys annoying her sisters but she is still so cute and affectionate with it. She has really struggled with the jump from year one to two but recently has learnt German and all about the Victorian’s so likes school again now. She tells us she wants to be a doctor who works with peoples blood (erm whether she means a hemotologist, scientist or vampire is unclear),

Anyway here’s their year in photos:













Looking back at these pictures reminds me of the crazy weather we’ve experienced this year. There was snow at the start and then the longest hottest summer ever. So much fun.

I do love looking back at these photos so if you’re interested feel free to look at my previous posts. It’s amazing how much they have changed in the past six years.

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Hope 2019 is even better.

Karen x