Where did the summer go? I can’t believe just a few weeks ago the girls were running around in Summer dresses and bare legs and now we are having to think about an Autumn/ Winter wardrobe.

The girls have so many summer clothes but all three are a little bit desperate for Autumn/ Winter things. They all shot up over the summer again so most of what they had for last year no longer fits. They definitely need a new pair of Jeans each, some leggings and of course long sleeved tops and woolies.  However, if you know us by now, you will know they will also need plenty of long sleeved dresses and some fun additions to their wardrobe too.

Here’s a little glimpse of some of the things you might see my girls wearing over the next few months. Some we have brought already and some are a bit of a wish list. This is in no particular order but are just a few of the things I am loving out there right now:

1. Jersey boots, Chipmunks £40.00  2. Grey fluffy flamingo jumper, Next from £22  3.  Bunny Knee high character socks, Lilly and Sid £8.00  4. Wild Things Cord Dress, Frugi £44.00  5.  Firefly socks, Frugi £7.50  6. Asymmetric skater dress, Lilly and Sid £30.00  7. Colour pop wellies, Aigle £25.00  8. Sadie Hotchpotch dress, Joules from £27.99  9. Alice skater dress, lilly and Sid £34.00  10. Pink Dalmation rain mac, Joules £39.95  11. Girls fun leggings, Mini Boden from £14.00  12. Hip Hip Horray leggings from The Princess and The Frock, Florrie and Max £15

As you can see the girls love colour so we embrace it these days. In fact now that I’ve written this I think I need to do some shopping!

Watch this space.

Karen x