My girls love messy play but to be honest we haven't done much of it recently. Clearing up after three little ones is never ending without creating intentional mess. Seeing as it was going to be a sunny day I thought it would be the ideal time to get creative outside and the girls though so too

First of all we popped out for some card. It had to be in their favourite colours of course, that meant pink for Poppy and puple for Rosie.

Next we had to collect our treasures from the garden. The girls enjoyed picking flowers, gathering twigs and grass etc:






Then for the messy bit…gloppy glue. They covered their card in the stuff before happily arranging their masterpieces.




The result was these lovely little pictures 🙂


This simple idea was lots of fun and reminded me how much the girls enjoy activities like this. I will have to get my thinking cap on and come up with more ideas. The garden is the perfect place for messy play!


Karen x