We all need a little magic in our lives don’t we? Well we’ve discovered the most amazing tube of magic cream that works on everything. Want to hear more?

Once the weather started to get cooler and the heating was turned up, I started to suffer from horrible blotchy, itchy patches around my wrists, lower arms and neck. Thankfully I discovered Aquaphor, a gorgeous soothing balm around the time it first started. Just a small amount rubbed into my skin soon sorted me out. The itchyness stopped quickly and the redness soon settled down. I couldn’t  believe it. It really was like magic.

It claims to work on everything from dry cracked heels to sensitive baby bottoms so next  up, we tried it on husbands heels. We rubbed just a small amount in daily and voila….smooth and soft.

The girls suffer from eczema and often experience patches of rough, dry skin on the tops of their arms. Not any more! A small dollop of this soon gets rid of that. The result was much happier girls with gorgeous, soft skin:

Finally, my girls always get little scratches on their faces or body like the one poppy has on her nose in the photo below. They always claim they don’t know how they got them but a tiny amount of Aquaphor soon makes them disappear:

Now I wonder if it would work like that on wrinkles? Maybe I should try that next.

It’s so good I’ve started taking it everywhere with me in my bag. I think I probably need to get some more to leave in the bathroom or even by my bed next:

Honestly this stuff is like magic. Have you tried it yet? I can’t  stop shouting about it to all our family and friends. It’s definitley something I’m going to keep on using.

Karen x

This post is my entry for the BritMums #MyAquaphor Challenge, sponsored by Eucerin. Discover the benefits of Eucerin yourself.