At 18 months Daisy is growing up fast. She's is a gorgeous, affectionate, cuddly and giggly little girl who hates the word “no” and is already fiercely Independent.


Even before she could walk, she could do this:



Daisy wants to be just like her two big Sisters so follows them found and tries to copy everything they do. She gets upset when she's not allowed to join in with their games but is so excited when she is. She loves it when they teach her new words like “pink” and “Barbie”, tries to get herself dressed and undressed like them. She is happiest when they all run around together, squealing with delight.

Her favourite things to do are play (she loves teasets, dolls & teddies), Bathtime, cuddles and stories, run (especially outside), try to ride her scuttlebug and eat (she doesn't stop). She also enjoys dressing up (tutus & fairy outfits like her sisters). She loves shoes and isn't fussy about whose they are:




When hungry she does something neither of the others did. She takes one of the little chairs and drags it to the side where the fruit bowl is, stands on it & helps herself. Or she might go to the kitchen cupboard and help herself to cereal (I do feed her)! Cheeky monkey! Usually the kitchen door is closed but if either of the big girls leaves if open, you can guarantee Daisy will be in there.


My gorgeous baby girl isn't so much of a baby anymore.

Karen x