Daisy is only 22 months old but oh my goodness can she scoot!

You've never seen anything like it.

She never had a baby/toddler scooter to practise on, oh no she just pinched her big Sisters Mini Micro Scooter as soon as she could instead.

She would be out on it all day, everyday if we let her. It's her faveourite thing to do.

I love the way she concentrates hard, poking her little tongue out as she pushes with her foot:

Her balance is amazing:

The way she handles it, steering effortlessly with her body without anyone teaching her how to, is just unbelievable:

and the speed! It's ridiculous! Daddy and I have to run to keep up:

She really is a clever girl:

I think we might need to get big sister Rosie the next size up now though – she really has lost this one.

Rosie's not too bothered though because she has her eye set on one of these. They didn't do purple when we brought her the original one, announcing on Christmas Day “it's nice but Father Christmas must have run out of purple paint because I did ask for a purple one” – cheeky monkey.

Can your little one scoot? Are they as good as this? I would love to know.

Here's a quick little video clip of her in action:


Linking up to country kids because we love playing outdoors.


Karen x