Last weekend we headed to Bluestone National Park for the weekend. We were invited to review the Kingdom of the Elves Elf Experience. Well me being me (not the most organised of mums) I hadn’t actually organised a christmassy adventure yet so couldn’t wait and jumped at the chance:

We took my very best friend Sarah with us which meant there were six of us all together and I think I can safely say we all enjoyed ourselves. Not really sure what to expect we threw ourselves into the whole experience and just went with the flow:

I don’t want to give it all away but basically the whole experience centres around the fact that Ruldoph has gone missing and your mission is to help find him.You must use your expertise to help the chief scout elf track down Rudolph in time to save Christmas. I won’t tell you if we were successful or not but the girls really enjoyed the whole thing.

Now I must warn you, if you think it’s all for the children and you are just accompanying them you couldn’t be more wrong. You will  definitely be joining in as Husband and my best friend soon discovered:

You’ll be met by a cheeky elf who will take you on an adventure around a series of magical rooms.

Room 1 – Briefing Room

Rudolph has gone missing and we need to track him down to make sure that Christmas 2016 can go ahead!
Head to the Operation Station where you will meet Chief Scout Elf who will equip you with everything that you need to help rescue Rudolph!

Room 2 – Barn Blizzard

Your mission starts at the stables where Rudolph was last seen.
There’s just one problem, he left it in a real mess and Elf Mucker is struggling to tidy everything up before Santa sees the mess!
Can you help him and take part in his challenges including fixing the sleigh before you venture out into the Snow to Musical Mountain?

Room 3 – Musical Mountain

It’s a race against time to climb the icy slopes of Musical Mountain!
Can you sing the right song before the steps turn back to ice?
Mums & Dads you might have to help out, I mean we all love a carol don’t we?

Room 4 – Christmas Dust Workshop

Ever wondered why you are always fast asleep when Santa delivers your presents?
You might just find out in the Christmas Dust Workshop. Rudolph bumped into Elf Hocus Pocus here on his way, did he leave any clues? You’ll have to find out!

Room 5 – Christmas Chamber of Secrets

If you succeed in your mission you will be allowed to enter the Christmas Chamber of Secrets!
Here you will discover 6 secrets of the most wonderful day of the year.
With your Elf senses tingling, is Rudolph around the corner?

The  whole thing lasts about an hour and is very well organised. The groups are not to large and the actors are all very enthusiastic and friendly. As you can see the girls threw themselves into their mission and were delighted with the bits and pieces they collected on their way and got to bring home.

Husband who was very sceptical prior to it (bah humbug) thought that the whole thing was going to be a mastermind to get more money out of you, well to be honest these things often are aren’t they? However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We were not asked to part with any money anywhere along the way. Yes you could buy souvenirs if you wanted to but there was no hard sell or push. That made a welcome change…. things can often get out of control with three children.

A very enjoyable start to the christmas festivities.

Unfortunately we had to get back for school on Monday so had to cut our trip short and leave straight afterwards. It was a lovely end to the weekend though. Had we had more time we would have liked to have booked in to see Santa too. That would have made it even more special.

We would definitely recommend Bluestone for a magical Christmas and ideally would want to stay Monday to Friday to make the most of the park and surrounding areas. We will definitely have to go back.

Karen x

We received a three night stay with the Kingdom of the Elves experience included for the purpose of review. Thank you Bluestone, it was a wonderful weekend.