Honestly parenting isn’t always easy or fun.

We all have those days where the winging, whining, squabbling and ungratefulness gets to us. What do we do on these sorts of days? Well just add fresh air is our tip and everything gets better.

Sunday was one of those horrible days. Nothing I did was good enough, the noise the mess…It was all getting to me until I actually felt like I was going to explode. Really, it was that bad.

That was when we made the decision to get outdoors quickly.

We packed the girls into the car, deciding to head somewhere we had been before but not for a long time. It was Morden Hall Park, a National Trust Park in London:

You really wouldn’t believe this was a park in the middle of London. It really was lovely. The girls had so much fun just running around and exploring. They remembered the play trail so couldn’t wait to get back there:

They enjoyed doing all the normal childhood things like blowing “wishing flowers” as they are fondly known in this house:

Playing with sticks, poo sticks and pretending to fish. it was just lovely to see. Such a change from the morning inside:

It turned out to be a such a beautiful day that the girls ended up paddling in the stream in their knickers:

Poppy started off with her jeans rolled up but inevitably fell in…there’s always one isn’t there?

We did have a giggle over the decision to let them paddle. Husband was initially very sensible saying “we don’t have any towels, we’ll do it next time” whereas I was just like “let them get in. I did it when I was a kid”. It was quite funny.

Who would have thought that such an awful morning could turn into a beautiful day.

Fresh air really can work miracles.

Karen x