Pictures can be so deceiving and don’t always tell the whole story. Take this morning. I was super excited and keen to be taking part in Clares new Home Life linky over at Maybush Studio. Of course I didn’t really know what today would bring but imagined a post full of loving photos of my happy family enjoying a wonderful Sunday together……mmmmmmmm!!

It didn’t quite turn out as planned when every one of us woke up grumpy! I think it had something to do with the big girls sharing Poppy’s room last night. Despite promising to be quiet in the morning, they woke up super early, then decided to play loudly/ fight about everything and wake the whole house. Not a great start to the day for any of us. Now looking at my photos I could have lied and made out it was a perfect Sunday but it was’t and i’m not going to. I am going to be very honest and let you know exactly what sort of day we had.

Take this photo. It might look like a happy family enjoying morning snuggles on a lazy Sunday morning. Yes it is rather sweet but there was one small set of feet missing! Rosie was having a grump in the room next door!

8am ish –


Next I imagine I should have taken a photo of steaming hot bowls of porridge that had been loving cooked overnight in the slow cooker. Only problem was I didn’t push the plug in all the way on the timer so it didn’t cook at all! As it was my turn for a lie in Husband had promised to bring me a  bowl up but by the time he cooked it in a saucepan, given the girls and himself some he brought me up a bowl of really cold porridge…yuck! The morning wasn’t getting better.

9am – Getting everybody dressed wasn’t much fun either. I had to ask them all to clean their teeth and get dressed a million times but no-one was listening! I was exhausted by this point. We all cheered up a bit and couldn’t help but smile ‘though when Daisy offered to dry my hair. She loves doing this and does quite a good job too:


9.30 am – A quick tidy around while Daddy decides to squeeze in a bit of piano practice. He only started learning a year ago and is doing pretty well. He takes his Grade 3 exam soon. Having a piano at home has meant that the girls have all developed an interest in music as well. They like to have a little play with it and often accompany him by singing. More recently Poppy gets out her recorder and plays with him. Its lovely to see:


10 am – At this point another argument breaks out between Rosie and Daisy and they scream at each other. I separate them and Rosie decides she wants to join in with Poppy singing but doesn’t know “The Circle Of Life”. Note to self we need the Lion King Dvd!  Instead of requesting another song she starts crying. Phew….this is tiring and both Husband and I are loosing the will. That’s when we decide it’s time to escape the house for a bit and head out for a little walk. It usually manages to banish the grumps so is worth a try:


Thankfully it did. The grumps are gone and smiles and giggles resumed!


1pm ish – We get back and have lunch. A bit later than usual but we had a late breakfast too. Crusty baguettes filled with ham and tomatoes and hot chocolates to warm us all up. Everyone is happy…..until Rosie’s chocolate spills everywhere. This is becoming a bad habit recently:


2pm – A little later than usual, Daisy heads off for a nap. She still has an hour everyday. She’s very good at going to bed as long as she has a cuddle and story before she does. Her favourite at the moment is Stick Man. I know its not Christmas anymore but she loves this story. She likes to “read” it to me first, turning the pages and telling me the story from the pictures and from memory. Then and only then I am allowed to read it to her:


Everyone else enjoys a little peace and quiet and for a while all is good. Husband and I get on with making a roast dinner whilst the girls happily play with playmobil and the trains or do their homework:



Poppy is really enjoying her stone age topic at the moment. She looked up how to draw a few of their tools and facts about them and then just got on with it. Before we knew it, it was time for little Sister to wake and a bit of a play (with a few squabbles and tears chucked in just because it’s that kind of day).

After dinner there is enough time to make a card for our friends who are moving this week. Then showers and hair wash ready for a new week.


Finally the girls sat down and relaxed for snuggles with Mummy. We started off with stories before they convinced me to let them watch a bit of Mako Mermaids before bed. To be honest I quite like it too:


Kisses and cuddles, lights out and then a mad dash for me getting the house tidied, school uniforms laid out, stuff for Poppy’s school trip and book bags ready for tomorrow.  Finally Husband heads out for a 10 mile run (marathon training) and I sit on my bottom to write this.

Not a perfect day by any means. Thank goodness this project is not called A Happy Home Life, it definitely wasn’t the best!

Karen x