Last Sunday I was grumpy, seriously grumpy!

The reason? It was the constant I am going to ignore Mummy and do the complete opposite of what she asks! It was draining, infuriating and I was fed up.

All three girls were being complete pains in the bottom and were also bickering and winging amongst themselves. My head was pounding and my blood was boiling, I was finding it hard to be the usual calm and happy Mummy they know and love. I was finding it hard to smile.

So Husband put his extra happy head on and suggested a family adventure. The girls asked to go to Claremont landscape Gardens, somewhere we haven’t been for a while so off went.

When we arrived I took the time to look at and take in the beautiful scene in front of me. It really is a beautiful place to visit. Then I took in a deep breath of fresh air and tried to shake off my bad mood. Finally I relaxed.

Who couldn’t find their smile when presented with snapshots of their family like this?:




IMG_8328 IMG_8314 IMG_8313

IMG_8296 IMG_8299


My three little girls, content with being outdoors and with each other. They played in the park and fed the birds. Running, jumping, skipping and hopping to their hearts content. Letting their imaginations run wild as they searched for fairies, dressed up like princesses and fought like knights:



Three little girls who are just children:

IMG_8364 IMG_8363


My children!

It’s amazing the difference a bit of fresh air makes to them and me. Smile resumed and grumpy mood evaporated we headed back home happy again.

Here’s a little video of them having fun:


Karen x