Yesterday our snow arrived and today we finally got our snow day. Yippee! I must admit I was rather relieved as I had a bit of a scare driving to pick the girls up from school yesterday. All was okay until I was driving into the snow. It was freezing as it hit the windscreen and I could barely see. Anyway, I was very happy to all stay home today.

Of course being a snow day meant we had to go out and play in it. It was freezing and I wasn’t expecting the girls to last long but they did ok. They loved it:

The snow was different to the stuff we got at Christmas time. Last time it was icy and hard. This time it was soft and fluffy. Definitely made to play in:

We took the sledge and everyone took it in turns pulling. It’s great now they are a bit older, they don’t want me to do it all the time:

Of course there were snow angels, running and jumping too. We stayed until our toes got too cold:

It will be a shame to see it go when it does but for today it was fun. Lots of fun:

Of course we had to come back for hot chocolates and later we may even have made snow ice cream but that’s a whole other post.

Karen x