We love the beach. No matter what the weather is like, we always have fun. Even if the tide is out and it’s just soggy mud, there’s something about breathing in all that fresh sea air that always makes us smile:

Of course our favourite beaches are the desert island type like the Maldives where Husband and I have visited three times before having children. But we are not fussy. We have lots of fond memories of holidaying in Cornwall and just driving to the seafront at Southsea to watch the huge waves crash in during a storm. We just love the beach:

After the New Years celebrations had stopped, we still had a few days together before the girls went back to school. We wanted to get out somewhere and when they suggested the beach we thought why not? We live just over an hour from the sea so although not on our doorstep it’s stilll possible to do in a day:

First we headed to the beach huts. I always like to take a few photos of my girls here. Then it was a blustery walk along the beach. It was cold but the girls were happy running along and jumping up and down to keep warm:

Of course this beach has a pier so that was the next stop. Warm donuts that always remind me of my own childhood and money for the 2p machines. Well it has to be done doesnt it? Especially on a bitterly cold day like this one:

The girls were delighted to win lots of tokens so we ended up with 2 troll key rings, 3 big lollipops and a box of dominoes. They were thrilled with their stash:

Of course once warm it was time for another play on the beach, collecting a few shells on the way back to the car:

What a lovely way to start of January. Happy New Year everyone.

karen x