It's been another lovely week in this house. Now the snow has melted the girls have had great fun on their scooters and bikes again.

Daisy continues to be a happy little girl (food definitely agrees with her). We've had a few interrupted nights due to Daisy's runny nose and Rosie teething but apart from that life is peachy. The week ended with my lovely Sister and her gorgeous boys coming to stay yeehhh!!! They are staying with our parents until Wednesday 🙂




27. 'Mini made full sized' – it was a big day in this house as Daisy's gorgeous stokke sleepi was changed from the dinky bassinet to a full sized cot. She loves it but then she was running out of room bless her!

28. 'Baby loves balloons' – Daisy was happily playing with a balloon this evening. She was rolling over and over trying to get it. Very cute x

29. 'Tesco School Trip' – Poppy went on a School trip to Tesco today. She explored the fruit and veg, fish and even got to make her own hot cross bun which she shared with Rosie.

31. 'Rosie scoots fast'' – Rosie can't steer yet so cant scoot to School but she can go pretty fast. She was having great fun outside today.

32. 'Excited but bored' – Rosie was very excited about seeing her cousins but bored of waiting too.

33. 'All Together' – It's hard trying to get a picture of all the Cousins together but we managed to get one today.

It was difficult choosing my favourite photo this week but I think it has to be number 30. ' Windy Fun':



Poppy is getting really good on her scooter now and had great fun whizzing home in the rain and wind on Wednesday. I Just need one now to keep up with her 🙂 I Love this picture of her, she looks so pretty!

Hope you have all had lots of fun too. Looking forward to checking out your posts and pictures.


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Karen x