Big achievements or occasions deserve special gifts and of course jewellery is always special, even for children. Perfect for bridesmaids, birthdays, christening gifts or any other special occasion, jewellery is always a lovely idea.

Some of you will know that recently Poppy (my eldest) passed her 11+ and is confident she will win a place at her first choice school. We can’t tell you how proud of her we are. Even before she received the results though, we wanted her to have a special present. Something to show her how proud we were of her regardless of the result. You see, trying out for Grammar School had been all her idea. She knew what she wanted and she put in  the hard work preparing for the 11+. She did achieve the result she wanted but even if she hadn’t, we knew how hard she had tried and were proud of her for that:

For a long time I have been eyeing up Molly Brown London for children’s jewellery.  In particular, I have been looking at the necklaces. Poppy is a very tall 10 year old so I wanted something that would grow with her. After all she will be starting secondary school next September. I knew the personalised large lulu locket necklace would be perfect and we weren’t disappointed. It really is gorgeous:

Large Lulu Locket Necklace – Molly Brown London £72.00

The locket arrived beautifully wrapped and packaged. It really is like Tiffany’s for girls. Poppy was delighted and felt very special. Being only ten, she had never had a present wrapped quite like this before. She felt very grown up and special. A pretty pink gift bag with a big brown bow and lots of tissue was just the beginning. Having it’s own little bag and box makes keeping it safe easy too:

We had Poppys locket engraved with a simple letter P and love it. It’s a very classic, timeless design, the tiny star the perfect finish. It’s truly beautiful and is perfect for our big girl.

Poppy couldn’t wait to put a photo of her friends in one side and her family in the other. This is very easy to do because a guide is available online and the size of this locket means the photos are not too tiny and fiddly. I had a beautiful locket when I was her age and adored it. I have a feeling that this is going to be a piece of jewellery that she cherishes for years to come just like I did:

It’s so pretty and shiny and she is very proud of it. She can’t help but keep glancing at herself in the mirror or window reflection like here:

We might have started off a new tradition now though. Rosie wants to try for Grammar school next and to go to the same school as her big sister. Apparently she will be needing a pretty locket too. Its a little while off yet though as she is only in Year 4. However, next time I need a special present, I know exactly where to go. Molly Brown London jewellery is simply stunning and perfect for special gifts and occasions:

We love it. Thanks Molly Brown London. It really is the perfect gift.

Karen x

* A collaborative post