Autumn and Winter are not my favourite months of the year. Yes Autumn colours may be pretty and it might be fun to dress up in bobble hats, wellies and warm coats for a while but we quickly tire of having to pile on the layers and wrap up warm. Instead we much prefer the summer and the freedom of summer dresses.

However, Autumn it is and Winter is not far around the corner so I have been picking up a few new bits for their wardrobes. Now warm fluffy jumpers, winter dresses and chunky tights that the girls have helped choose will feature on the blog and my instagram feed.

This new outfit of Daisy’s is particularly gorgeous. The colours so bright and cheerful on an Autumn day and yes there is even a dress in it. She wears them daily:

Dress – Mantaray at Debenhams

Cardigan – Boots Mini Club Fur Lined Cardigan

Leggings – part of set from Boots mini Mode

Wellies – Hunters

The dress is so beautiful. It’s longer at the back then the front, has a gorgeous print all over and feels ever so soft. Daisy says it is very warm too. She only had a vest on underneath yet was running around all over the place without a cardigan on yesterday. She especially loves the way it twirls:

autumn-fashion-5 autumn-fashion-4 autumn-fashion-3 autumn-fashion-2

The leggings are lovely and soft and fit really well. They are actually part of a two piece set which has another dress to go with them. We have always loved Boots Mini Mode for clothes but haven’t shopped there for a while. I was delighted to see all the bright colours and funky patterns when we went in a few weeks ago and Daisy chose herself a few bits.

These leggings make this outfit more appropriate for our outdoor adventures. A dress teamed with leggings and wellies is perfect for crunching in leaves, climbing trees and generally having fun outdoors:


The cardigan has to be my favourite though. It’s bright and colourful but oh so soft and snuggly. Not just the fur inside either. The knit is really soft too. I wish it came in my size! They’ve kept it simple with flowers around the pockets and a pattern around the neckline. Just enough to make it special.  Daisy adores it but wouldn’t keep it on yesterday, she actually got too warm. It was pretty mild outside though:


Perfect for outdoors fun with Sisters. I think you will be seeing a lot more of it as she doesn’t really like wearing coats this one:


Cant wait to show you more of what they have been wearing recently. Suddenly we are loving Autumn fashion!

Karen x