A few weeks ago before I got sick, we went on a really lovely family walk. Some of you might recognize some of the photos from my Instagram feed. I’ve shared a few. It was one of those random walks when Husband had a rough plan of where we were going but mostly we wanted to just get out and explore our local area. We live in the countryside and so far have mostly driven somewhere first before getting out and exploring. This time we wanted to see what was on our actual doorstep:

It was actually a pretty warm day in the end. One of those when you wrap up for the cold but once you started walking, you needed to strip back the layers:

It turned out to be a lot of fun. It was a bit tough in places where the grass got really long. We even ended up in a field with a random horse. However, we all really enjoyed ourselves. You can tell by the big smiles:

I took so many photos.

There was puddle jumping, squishy mud, long grass, and lollipops. Yes, you did read that right. I knew it was going to be a long walk so took a few surprise treats. They came in handy when the going got tough and the girls were delighted because it’s not something I usually do.

We really did have fun.

All this so close to home and we didn’t even know. We have only been here five months but even so. We need to do lots more exploring on our actual doorstep. I see lots more outdoor fun and adventures in our local area:

Little did I know I would go downhill that night and it would be another few weeks before we got out again as a family but watch this space. There are lots more adventures planned.

Karen x