Always keen to explore new places we headed off to Hatchlands Park in Surrey today. When we got there the girls were thrilled to discover it wasn’t just going to be a walk in a park but in fact a little Sylvanian trail complete with clues to solve and wooden carvings hiding in the forest. The girls all love Sylvanian Families so it was a real treat for them:


IMG_8051 IMG_8050

SRG10249 SRG10241

The big girls had great fun running from clue to clue. It was lovely to see both of them reading them and then working them out together. They were so excited when they got them right. Daisy was a little tired today though preferring to walk along holding either Mummy or Daddy’s hands or even being picked up. After a while though she did relax and join in:


SRG10263 SRG10257 SRG10256

It was a magic forest where the trees looked like they had faces and fairies might even be living in them. We searched for fairy doors but didn’t find any:

IMG_8058 IMG_8057


Everyone was thrilled to find a natural adventure playground complete with bug hotel climbing frame:

IMG_8065 SRG10273 SRG10269IMG_8080 IMG_8078

We managed to miss the rain but It was very windy. We all thought at one point we might actually take off. Here’s Daddy and the big girls trying to fly:


We all liked the donkeys. They were very cute. In fact as soon as we walked off they started playing ball together but we were too far away to get a decent photo. We were going to go back but didn’t want to disturb them:

IMG_8088SRG10287 SRG10284

A really great day out. We all enjoyed ourselves so much we will definitely head back to explore once the house and gardens open in April. Apparently the bluebells are pretty amazing there too.


Karen x