With a decent amount of snow that lasted longer than a day, we just had to get out in it again. This time Daddy was home to join us. We decided to head up to Crickley Hill,Cheltenham. One of our favourite :

As soon as we arrived we noticed that cars were having to park at the bottom of the hill rather than the carpark. There was snow everywhere and it looked so pretty. At the bottom we noted these rather cold looking cows:

We headed up the hill, watching others sledge down as we went. We knew where we were heading though…right at the top they have the most amazing hills the girls roll down in the summer. The girls happily trundled along, pulling each other on the sledge as they went. It really was lovely being out and much warmer than the previous day.disappointed;

However, when we got to the top our hills had no snow on them…none at all!! We were most disappointed. It didn’t matter too much though as there was lots of snow on the lower ground. Plenty to play on for a while. It was also quiet as not many people had climbed all the way to the top. We only saw one other family whilst there:

The girls had so much fun sledging, falling and throwing snowballs. They seemed to throw them all at me though! This one was especially loving it:

Its all melted now though. Hope you had fun too:

Karen x