Sunshine in this house means two things: pretty dresses and picnics! So yesterday when the sun was shining, we took a break from packing and sorting, put on our dresses and headed off to our families favourite place, Osterley Park in Surrey:

We really are going to miss this place when we move. Yes our new home will be surrounded by the beautiful Cotswolds countryside, an area of outstanding beauty but Osterley Park has been a favourite place of ours for the past two and a half years. Its our families special place. We have spent so many happy times here and the girls have all grown up so much during that time. We don’t really live here but if ou flick through my instagram pictures or read this blog, you might think we did:

This time we went for a little stroll around the gardens first. We adore it here and love all the colourful flowers. Osterley Park is a great place to visit at all times of year. Our two favourites are when the blossom is out and towards the end of the summer when the gardens are in full bloom:

The girls have spent many a time playing hide and seek in these gardens swell as just running, skipping and dancing:

Next we cut across the grass towards the play area. We noticed last time a new picnic area had been set up in the woods so thats where were were headed. We were organised this time with a proper picnic rucksack, complete with plates, cutlery and a picnic blanket. The girls loved it:

Once full, Daisy decided she needed the toilet so we skipped the play trail this time round and headed back towards the toilets. Rather than go back the way we came as we have been so many times, we thought we might as well have a look around the lake. We have spent many a time exploring this area and we love seeing the children canoeing on the lake. We sat and watched them for ages. We kicked off our shoes and relaxed. Daisy made me smile when she took hers off telling us “I won’t go in Mummy, i’m just showing my feet the sunshine”! Thankfully though she didn’t try to paddle and I didn’t have to go in to rescue her!

Oh of course there were ducks, ducklings and swans to be seen too:

It really was a lovely way to spend a warm sunny day. In the end the girls got too hot so we decided to head home. Full, relaxed and happy it was another successful trip.

Hope to see you again soon Osterley.

Karen x