The pool or the beach? The lazy river or the waterslides? An ice cream or an ice lolly?


Our recent holiday was not about sight seeing and exploring the local culture. With just one week and the need for family fun and relaxation, it was all about escaping real life and just enjoying being together with few distractions.

We stayed by the coast in an area where there wasn’t huge amount to do. There was a fantastic pool on site and a local beach right next door. We enjoyed ice creams and barbecues and spent the whole week playing outside together and enjoying the simple pleasures. It was exactly what we needed and we all felt recharged.

Sun kissed and relaxed, we quickly settled into a lovely routine. We felt no need for big days out or any more time in the car.

One afternoon though the weather wasn’t so good. It was still warm but quite cloudy and there was a bit of a wind, so we headed out to a local port for a little wander:



20150525-SRG13754 20150525-SRG13761

20150525-SRG13766 20150525-SRG13774 20150525-SRG13783 20150525-SRG13789

Once there we felt like we were in France. Actually we appeared to be the only Tourists there:


20150525-SRG13798 20150525-SRG13801 20150525-SRG13802 20150525-SRG13804

A little look at the boats, excitement at the red poppies everywhere and a very delicious ice cream kept us busy for a few hours. There was also a carousel which the girls had a go on but that was about it:

20150525-SRG13825 20150525-SRG13826
20150525-SRG13845 20150525-SRG13855

Funnily enough as we arrived back, the sun came out and we headed to the beach for a few hours before tea. All in all an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon:


Karen x