School shoes are a nightmare aren’t they? Children have to have them, they cost a fortune but they just don’t last do they? Well it doesn’t have to be like that. Last year we discovered a new brand that was cheaper than our usual, traditional ones but lasted for far longer, despite rigorous testing from Daisy who was 4 at the time. That’s why we are sticking with them again this year.

Who are they? Well it’s Chipmunks Footwear.  Read on for my very honest review based on a years use!

school shoes

Over the years we have always stuck with the traditional choices for school shoes but I must admit I was becoming increasing disillusioned and disappointed with them last year. I have always preferred black patent for girls but found they were starting to peel, something I had never experienced before and I was just not happy about. On top of that, the soles were wearing out really quickly too. Not great when they cost so much.

When Daisy started school last September and I was having to pay out for three pairs, I decided to try something new. I typed in ‘black patent school shoes, fantastic review’ and up popped Chipmunks. There was only one tiny review but it was so good I decided to try them out for Daisy:


Anyone who knows my daughter will know she is very active. She runs, jumps, climbs, balances and throws herself around like you wouldn’t believe. She is always on the play equipment so her shoes need to be tough. These particular ones cost only £20.00 last year, almost half the price of our usual ones so I decided to give them a go. I thought if they didn’t last it wouldn’t be the end of the world but it was worth a try.


However, little did I know that these shoes would be fantastic. Both the older girls went through 2-3 pairs of our usual, more expensive school shoes in the time these lasted. They were so soft and comfortable, perfect for first school shoes but just as good for any year. They never rubbed and wore really well. On top of that they required very little effort to keep them looking black and shiny. In fact they still looked fantastic when we had to replace them over the May half term. I was seriously impressed.

The soles lasted much better than her Sisters more expensive ones and the patent didn’t peel at all. In fact they lasted almost the whole school year. The only slightly negative thing I could say about them is that we needed to have a few more holes put into the strap. This wasn’t a problem though. I took them to the cobbler in our local supermarket and he did it for a small donation.

We loved these school shoes so much so that we recommended them to all our friends and family and this year both Rosie and Daisy will be wearing them. Poppy would have too but sadly she is just out of their sizes now. I saw her eyeing up Rosies with a wishful look in her eye!


This year we have been fortunate enough to be gifted two pairs for the youngest two. Daisy has opted for the same style as last year, a true sign of how much she loved them, whilst Rosie has gone fore something a little sturdier. Don’t tell Daisy but I think I like Rosie’s even more. I  love how they pretty they look even though they have a much more robust sole. They are gorgeous.

Daisy wears Chipmunks Trixie shoes – £25.00

Rosie wears Chipmunks Amber shoes – £25.00

I have a good feeling about these shoes and if they are anything like last years I will be a very happy Mum. In fact I may also have my eye on some other shoes in the range including some bright pink fluffy boots so watch this space.

I can’t believe how quickly this Summer has gone and am a little bit sad its over. It’s hard to believe how quickly my girls are all growing up. This year they will be starting in Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5. It’s crazy how time flies. At least they will be off to a great start with these shoes.

Thank you Chipmunks, we love your style.

Karen x

*A collaborative Post