Whoops I Pranged The Car!

Yesterday was ballet day. Husband really wasn't feeling good so I said “don't worry I'll take them all and you can have a rest”. What a lovely wife I am.

Husband then proceeded to wind me up about not crashing the car as I was about leave the house. I may have had a few crashes a million years ago but I am now a very good driver. I wasn't impressed!

I got us to the ballet studio and turned slowly into the car park when bump,bump, bump….aaaaahhh what was that?. Trying not to panic I pulled into a parking space and got out to check. First I checked the back wheel “phew” I thought to myself”, then cheeked the front wheel. It was flat! No getting away with it I was going to have to ring him.

I got Rosie into her class first then phoned Husband saying I didn't know what I did but we had a flat tyre. He said he would sort it. Luckily we don't live too far away from the ballet studio so he cycled on to us and checked it out before ringing a local garage. He then told me he knew what had happened and sent me these photos:



Whoops, I was going so slowly too! It's been fixed for now but we still need a new wheel which arrives Tuesday. We're £300 poorer and Husbands not happy.

On a positive note though I only clipped the kerb and we are all okay.

Karen x


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2 Comments on Whoops I Pranged The Car!

  1. HELEN
    March 17, 2013 at 4:51 pm (2 years ago)

    eek! well he won’t be taking a sick day in future! x


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