Daisy is very nearly 6 months old and had her first taste of food 3 weeks ago. We have since taken our cues from her and have chosen to do baby led weening after she tried to eat my sandwich and her Sister’s Cheerios.

To help her with her journey we have been sent a few products from Vital Baby to trial and review. These have included the unbelievabowl and some soft tipped weaning spoons.

She is still very young, so for support we sit her in the Bumbo seat with the tray attached. The unbelievabowl claims to use super suction powers to attach to surfaces and prevent your baby from moving it so I was keen to get testing it! Here’s how it works:


We started out very gently with first foods like slices of soft pear, carrot and banana as well as porridge, sweet potatoes, bread fingers etc but she just wanted what her Sisters were having. She would literally just lean over and help herself. In the end we decided to go with it and give her the same as everyone else (within reason).

She eats very small amounts, makes an incredible mess but is loving the whole experience:

So does this bowl work? Well to be honest I was a bit sceptical having two older ones and having tried similar products but yes it does! Once it’s twisted on, even I find it very difficult to get off and Daisy definitely can’t do it. We have also tried it on the dining room table and it works on that too. We are thrilled with it!

The little spoons are great too. Very soft and light, they are the perfect size for chubby little hands. Daisy certainly knows what to do with them.

We love these products and am sure in time she will be eating really well with them. For now though, as she is still so tiny and just getting to grips with picking food up, mealtimes tend to look more like this:




We don’t think she’s not doing bad though!

Karen x