With three little girls, one of whom wears real nappies and is starting to eat, another who is a little dirt magnet and likes splashing in puddles and a four year old who comes home from school filthy – thats a lot of washing.

We were very kindly sent three months of Vanish Stain remover to review. We have of course used it before but rather than just write its good I thought we would test it properly.

It didn’t take long for my little ones to make mess and stain their clothes. On day one of receiving the vanish several real life situations presented themselves.

First up I gave Daisy some raspberries but couldn’t find a bib. Oh well I had the Vanish ready.

She happily munched away and got covered right though her baby grow, to her vest and even her pretty nappy. I was a bit sceptical but chucked it in the wash basket for later.

Next up Rosie was having cheese on toast with ketchup and of course spilled some down her very white top….I didn’t panic though. After all I had the other bits to wash so added it to the pile:

Finally, when we picked Poppy up from School she fell on some slippery leaves. Her white tights got covered in yucky mud. I didn’t get pictures as she was very upset & crying.

So what happened when I washed it all? All gone that’s what! See for yourself:

Do you use it?

Karen x

I did receive 2x tubs of Vanish for review purposes but all words and opinions are my own.