In my fluffy little world of pink there is no room for slimy green stuff. For four and a half years i've managed to get away with wiping “runny noses” and have never called it anything else.

so imagine my horror when Rosie (aged 21/2) tells me she has something up her nose. I tell her she has a runny nose and grab a tissue. But before I know it though, she has her finger up there, pulls out the offending article and shows it to me asking “what is it Mummy?”.


Well there we are stood looking at it there on the end of her finger, staring at it like it was some sort of science project. “What do I say?” I thought to myself. I try to form the words in my brain….It's “Snot”, “a boggie”, “a greeny”, ugh yuck. I don't want my pretty little girl talking like that. They sound like swear words to me.

So what did I say? Well to be perfectly honest I kind of froze, wiped it away with the tissue and distracted her with getting her coat on (we were about to go out anyway). Terrible I know but true.

Oh my goodness, what am I like and how will I deal with it when they start asking about where babies come from?

Karen x