With this snowy weather, life is one big adventure at the moment. I've posted lots of pictures of our snowy activities but today I took the younger two out for a brand new adventure. It was playing on a sledge.

I have been meaning to buy a sledge but with my terrible baby brain, every time I go shopping I come back with everything but! Today I made one though and it was huge hit with the girls. Not the poshest one in the World, it was simply a tray with a dressing gown belt tied it. To Rosie though…it was the best thing ever and I of course was the best Mummy in the World too:



It was Rosie's first time on a sledge and she loved it!! We even let Daisy have a go and she loved it too. Smiles and giggles showed us how much.



Then we played for a bit longer, made more snow angels and ran round trying to keep warm.

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Karen x