As you might already know, I love pretty things. I also love spots and dots, unusual gifts and am a sucker for gift wrapping. I was therefore thrilled to be asked to review a few products from The Dotty Popsy Gift Shop in Hove (Such a cute name).

Now this place looks like somewhere I would love to go with my girls. First up there is the shop itself which sells gifts for all the children in your life. From babies and toddlers to school age children and even teenagers there is something for everyone. They even do party bags. Best of all there is free gift wrapping…I love this!!

There is also a Tea Parlour tucked away at the back of the shop complete with an enclosed play area so you can sit back and relax whilst the children play. Breastfeeding is welcomed so no need to worry about that either. Perfect. Mmmmmm home made cake and a coffee whilst the girls are occupied, I can see myself there now. I wish I lived closer, I would definitely be checking it out.

In the meantime we were sent two cute products to review. A pair of Crawlings knee pads and a clothes plaster.

I had heard of Crawlings before but never used them. The Dotty Popsy Gift Shop is only 1 of 2 shops in the whole of the UK to stock them. Basically they are little baby knee pads. Super soft, vented behind the knee and very stretchy, they are perfect for little legs of all shapes and sizes. Daisy is crawling now so I am so glad she has them.

At 9 months Daisy doesn’t sit still and wriggles everywhere. For the past month prior to her taking off I have been watching her rolling over and over, crawling forward 1 pace and then back tons more. She was practising going from lying down to sitting up and then just staying on her hands & knees rocking for ages.

Luckily though we had the Crawlings so I didn’t have to worry about her getting sore knees. These are perfect! As you can see she likes them too:

In fact even big Sister Rosie (almost 3) has had a go:

Rosie always has scabby knees from falling off her bike and scooter etc so was quite interested when she realised they would protect her. I’m not she would wear them all the time but had she grown up with them she might do.

Now the clothes plaster has been a real blessing too. A few weeks ago I went through a pile of clothes that used to be Poppy’s and found one of my favourite little summer dresses that would fit Rosie now. The only problem was it had a teeny tiny hole. I couldn’t bring myself to bin it so I shoved it back in the bag meaning to ask my mum if she had any ideas.

Then this turned up saying it could be used to repair clothes or jazz up shoes. Perfect! It was even the right colours:

We ironed it on and voila……..:

What do you think?

I think it couldn’t be any more perfect. It looks great, was super easy to apply in fact the name is spot on too as it really was like a plaster.

Just two of the lovely gift ideas from The Dotty Popsy Gift Shop. Definitely worth a look if you’re in the area 🙂

Karen x