One of the best things about starting this blog is the number of photos I now have of these three. Over the years the quality of them has got better and no longer are they all my husbands either. These days I have my own camera and take most of them myself. Lots of happily memories to store as a reminder of life as our little family:

I have been taking photos every month for years but often forget to join in with the siblings project. This year I am going to make a conscious effort to join in. I am starting of with the January teepee photo I have been taking since 2014 when they received it as a Christmas present. It has been well used and loved but they are all getting bigger now so I’m not sure how much longer they will all fit in it together:

This months post is a little late due to having poorly girls home but here’s a few more photos of them all together in January:

We have lots of adventures planned for this year and are looking forward to taking lots more photos. I will also be joining in with Me and Mine this year too so do keep an eye out.

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Karen x