The blogging community is a very special one and it always amazes me how supportive it can be. When fellow bloggers need help and support it is there in bucketfuls.

Well this time it is Emma over at Crazy with Twins who needs cheering up and its my turn to help host this blog hop and send a post to make her smile.

Just in case you have not yet heard Emma’s story, she recently had to undergo radiotherapy treatment for thyroid cancer. I cannot imagine what she has gone through and how she has coped with it but posts to make her smile have been doing just that and keeping her going. She is recovering quicker than expected so keep those happy posts coming and keep her strong.

Whenever I am feeling down, its the little things my girls do or say that melt my heart and make me smile. This little clip of Poppy last year always brings a smile to my face and I hope it does for Emma too:


Of course there is nothing like a little baby giggling to make you smile too so here's another little clip:


Hope it did the job Emma 🙂

On a serious note please do get any strange lumps checked out ASAP it could save your life.


Shoulder to Shoulder to Day


Karen x