When Poppy spotted this Plant A Rainbow set hidden away in the cupboard today, I thought “what a good idea”. Not too sunny, not to wet – a perfect day for planting pretty flowers.

Everything we needed was included so we grabbed our jackets and headed off into the garden. We filled a tub with water and got ourselves organised:



First we had to wet the compost blocks:



Then watch as they magically grew:



Next we took our tiny seeds and planted them:



Once the girls got over their initial “we don't want to get dirty” they enjoyed wriggling their fingers in the soil, burying the tiny seeds and then patting them down:







Next we labelled them with stickers so we knew what was in each pot:



Everyone loves stickers, especially Rosie:



Then we lined them all up to see what we had done:



So all that was left to do was wash our dirty hands:



Lots of fun and good teamwork too:



We've planted Californian Suncap (yellow), Flax (red), Bells of Ireland (green), Venus's Looking Glass (blue) and Swan River Daisy (purple). We just have to wait now.

I can't wait to see them grow 🙂


Karen x