It's been a good week in his house. There's been little illness and lots of time with family and friends.

Daisy has stopped all the screeching and squirming but now we have moved onto projectile vomit…gross. she feeds for 10 minutes every four hours in the day, then throws up for about an hour…'s amazing she has got so big! She goes to bed at 7.30 pm and feeds once in the night before waking around 7am so were getting there.

All I need now is a whole nights sleep and life would be peachy x



Monday – Husband took Poppy to School this morning which was fab as I was running late. Ended up having lazy relaxing day with the other two girls…perfect in this miserable weather.

Tuesday – Went to a friends this morning for coffee. It was the first time we had been to their house & Rosie had great fun playing in their playroom….it made us realise how much we miss ours in the old house. We had a lovely day.

Wednesday – Spent all day cleaning but you wouldn't believe it. Rosie followed me round messing everywhere up as I tided leaving me very frustrated and stressed out.

Thursday – lovely day today. Toddler group where Rosie did a sparkly leaf pic and played with her friend but we had to leave early as daisy had done an explosive pooh which had leaked all through her clothes. Went home to clean her up and then back out for Tumble Tots. Our friends came along with their little boy Elliott for the first time.

We then went back to their house where the children enjoyed yummy omelette and played. Next a trip to costa for hot chocolates before we all picked poppy up from school. The house was a tip when we got back but then we made more of a mess by getting the glitter out for a school thing poppy had to do. Rosie had fun making pictures too.

Friday – Stay and play at Poppy's school his morning which was as lovely as ever. It was a quiet day at home then but this evening we went out to a Christmas fair at Poppy's school. The girls got to eat cake and see Santa, which Poppy was thrilled about but Rosie was scared ;-( they got a present though which they loved.

Saturday – the usual ballet lessons this morning followed by a trip into Glouscester. Managed to get quite a bit of Christmas shopping done And Poppy had her photo taken with superheroes.

Sunday – A lovely family day. Mum and dad came over for lunch. Husband and i hen left the older 2 with mum and Dad so we coukd do a decent food shop and then we all just chilled out.


Karen x