I have really enjoyed capturing the girls together this year. It seems to have got that bit easier. They no longer rush off in completely different directions and actually enjoy playing together which makes it easier to snap them.

I have literally hundreds of photos of them all together but for now here is one for each month, it was hard to choose just one but I did it:













Poppy is still the more serious and sensitive of the three. She adores school, loves reading, music (she likes writing her own songs), swimming and building lego. She has lots of friends at school and is quite physical…she likes gymnastics and is always on the trampoline. She is generally a happy little girl but recently has been experiencing a few mood swings. Could it be preteen behaviour already?

Rosie is still the laziest of the three. She likes her bed and is slower to get moving than the others but she is very flexible and still loves dancing, gymnastics and being out and about. She is probably the easiest of the three, a happy, content little girl who just goes with the flow. She loves school and reading like her sister but takes is all less seriously. She still enjoys art and making things too.

Daisy is dare I say it? a naughty little thing. She is gorgeous and affectionate, cheeky and mischievous but she is also just plain old naughty. She is very fast at running and wants to do gymnastics. She can already do a bridge.  She loves dressing up and is so excited to be at school and reading like her big sisters now. She also enjoys anything messy and adores being outdoors.

I am always saying they are growing up way too fast but if you check out my other posts you can see just how fast it is happening:

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I am so glad I decided to document these changes each month. It will be lovely for them to look back on. One photo each month for 4 years now that’s pretty impressive even if I do say so myself!

Karen x