Who doesn’t love a Mr Men book and which character would you be? Keep reading to see which characters my girls think I am most like, read our Mr Men book reviews and enter a competition to win Mr Men books of your own:

With three little girls aged 4-8 life is noisy, chaotic and messy. It’s no wonder I look forward to bedtime each night! It is a lovely time of the day though and we do have a very good routine which involves a warm bubbly bath, clean pyjamas, then cuddles and kisses with a story. The perfect calm ending to a noisy, busy day!

We were recently sent three Mr Men books to review from Egmont: Little Miss Shy and The Fairy Godmother, Adventure In Egypt and the very lovely My Mummy book, just in time for Mothers Day. The girls were delighted when the parcel arrived. We adore Mr Men books in this house and surprisingly they seem to appeal to all three age groups. Whilst the older two can read anything now, they are still quite content to sit reading a Mr Men or Little Miss book. Of course reading is not just limited to bedtime either. Curling up with a good book happens at all different times of the day and we have various comfy spots around the house to do it:

Little Miss Shy and The Fairy Godmother is a really cute little book. It’s the same size as the traditional Mr Men books with a similarity to Cinderella. It’s all about confidence boosting and is just lovely. Daisy adores the original Cinderella story,  loves fairies and magic so this book was definitely her favourite:

Next up Is The Mr Men Adventure in Egypt. This book is brilliant. It’s much bigger than the normal Mr Men books and is full of lots of information about Egyptian history. Poppy learnt all about Egypt a few years ago at school and this book quickly became her favourite. For those that haven’t read about Egypt yet, it gently introduces children to new concepts like Pharaohs, Temples, the Sphinx and Sarcophagus. It even shows you how to write your in name in hieroglyphics which the big girls enjoyed doping:

Finally is the Mr Men My Mummy book. This book is adorable and would make any Mummy smile. The girls enjoyed the story, comparing the the characters to me and then had fun with the questions at the end. I won’t give it all away but there’s room for your little ones to draw a picture of you and say what they like about you too. It’s really lovely:

Using the prompts at the back of the My Mummy book, the girls decided to make a little video clip for you. Find out which characters they think I am most like:

Excited children, eagerly jumping into bed ready to hear a lovely story about Mummy……could be the perfect gift for Mummy this Mothers Day!

If you want to get your hands on this book plus two other Mr Men books of your choice, please enter the simple rafflecopter competition below:

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The competition runs until April 3rd 2017.

Good Luck!

Karen x