Last week at BritMums Live I had a problem, a huge one! Still feeding twice daily I had left my baby at home and brought along my breast pump instead. Somehow though, I had managed to forget the bottle that went on the end. Without it, it was useless and I was in trouble.

It was approaching 6pm and my boobs were getting fuller and more uncomfortable, what was I going to do? We had been invited out to dinner with one of the brands and were due to meet them at 8.30pm. I knew by then I was going to be in agony. It was then my Sister suggested approaching MAM and I'm so glad she did.

With one breast obviously much bigger than the other and in obvious discomfort, they were amazing. So friendly, understanding and helpfull, they took pity on me and kitted me out. I was kindly given one of their manual breast pumps, compete with storage solution cup and breast pads. They saved me!




The pump itself was so easy and simple to use. I really liked the fact it has a selector dial, allowing you to control the strength of expression/suction. I also like the funnel on it. It's very soft and flexible which makes it extremely comfortable to use. It can even be fully rotated so you can change the position to suit you and your body.

It's a good size, not too big at all. It fitted discreetly in my changing bag and when I got home I found it easy to clean too.

Last weekend I used this pump purely to relieve myself and tipped the milk away. However, I love the way the storage solution can be attached straight to the pump meaning no messing around with tipping it from the pump into something else.

I was even more delighted to find one of the matching bottles in my goody bag too.

Without your help MAM my BritMums experience would have been ruined so thank you very much. Not only did you save me but your service and products impressed me so much I can honestly recommend to others.

Karen x