Whenever my Sister and I find ourselves with with all five children, we head to Kew Gardens for the day. She has one of those season tickets and gets us all in free so its the perfect place for us to go. In fact we all think of it as our special place. Our last visit to Kew Gardens was a few weeks ago over the half term break:

The children all enjoy each others company and love the open space there. Each time we go its different. Sometimes we head to crawlers and creepers first whilst other times we completely avoid it as they can’t wait to do the Treetop walk and the badger set:

If it’s warm enough we take a picnic. Kew gardens is the perfect place to enjoy one of those. If its not quite warm enough we might just take a few snacks to help keep them happy on the way around:

There is so much for the children to do and see. They never ever complain of being bored and often tell us which part they want to go to next. It is quite spread out so we sometimes take Daisys old buggy so the younger two can hop in and out if tired. They actually enjoy it and think of it as a little train they can jump in and out of. Everyone gets out and climbs when we reach the natural playground area though. So much fun to be had there:

This time we discovered some bits we have never seen before. A lovely little walk way round some of the gardens that were difficult to access before. My sister has been lots but says she always discovers something new when with us:

Kew Gardens is a beautiful place to visit and we really enjoying exploring with my lovely sister and her boys. Life is fun when you have cousins!

As always linking in with the lovely Fiona at Country Kids.

Karen x