This morning I was fast asleep curled up in my bed after a disrupted night when I was very rudely awakened by my two biggest girls. Having been poorly all week and really unwell last night they were not happy. In fact little Rosie woke me up by screaming crying loudly because she needed a wee (Not normal behaviour)!

To say I was not in the best of moods was an understatement. Once they were sorted, armed with a cup of coffee I curled up with my iPad. I had a quick look at what was happening on twitter and ideally wondered over to The Mads page (considering who to nominate) when I noticed I had been nominated for best baby blog, pregnancy and even Mad Blog of the Year!

Well that certainly put smile on my face. I don't think for one moment I will win anything as there are lots of amazing blogs out there but it's nice to think that someone or dare I think it…some people, actually rate your blog.

What started 2 years ago as a simple online diary has grown into so much more. I am having fun recording lots of memories for my family, have recorded my pregancy and am now getting into photography too. My blog is my space to offload, to write about things that matter and maybe even provide advice and inforation to help others on the way.

So a huge thank you to whoever you are and if you haven't voted yet please do feel free too.


Karen x