It’s just gone 7pm and the girls are all in bed…yeeehhh!

I do love all three of them dearly but I do love this time of night too.

Well i’m a Mummy to three and I need to refresh and recover before the next day.

Even more importantly, they do too.

Busy days playing all day means we are all exhausted and ready for it.

Poppy’s been at School in the week so she’s even more ready.

We pretty much start winding down straight after dinner.

Quieter toys are played with, the mess cleared away. We might watch a little Cbeebies.

Then it’s bath time for all three….lots of bubbly fun. All the girl love it, even baby Daisy.

Once they are all out, dried and dressed (quite mission when I’m by myself), its back downstairs for a little while.

This is my favourite time of the day.

Snuggles and stories my three little girls. A lovely end to a busy day.

For as long as I can remember we’ve had this routine.

Poppy likes to join in now she can read. She usually goes first.

Then it’s over to Mummy and Daddy. who will read story after story until bedtime.

Books about little girls, princesses, animals, ballerinas and pirates.

They are not too fussy! Except maybe Rosie who always wants Goldilocks.

We are lucky, there’s no fuss in this house at bedtime.

You see they just know what comes next.

I think that is the key.

We all love bedtime in this house.

Here they all are fresh from the bath and ready for bed:

My little cuties.

Won’t be long until I’m off up too.

Night night.

Karen x