Poppy is only 8 and a half but showing signs of pre-tween behaviour already. My usually lovely, kind, quiet and affectionate little girl has recently been displaying outbursts of anger, frustration, grumpiness, stroppiness and all sorts of other behaviours which quite frankly are alien to her and us.

On Boxing Day she was being quite horrible to her sisters and my parents weren’t feeling well so we decided to take the girls out for some fresh air for a few hours. First we went out for lunch so no-one could complain of being hungry. It was just McDonalds but we only usually go there on long journeys. Then we drove to  Haresfield Beacon and Standish woods, somewhere we would often go when we lived in Gloucester:

The younger two were having a fantastic time but Poppy started grumping as soon as we got there. I explained to her that fresh air is good for moods, tried to talk to her and make her laugh but in the end I got cross. I told her we would not be going home until she cheered up:

Thankfully the other two were up for a long walk. The sky was bright blue, they liked the familiarity of where we were and they had a great time. It was warm too so after a while the coats were ditched and they ran around happily breathing in the fresh air and appreciating the views. They couldn’t understand what was wrong with their big sister:

Poppy on the other hand was miserable. She grumped, stropped, complained and dawdled for hours:

I just kept telling her we wouldn’t be going home until she cheered up and started enjoying herself. She resisted and resisted but in the end she gave in:

She started to run around with her sisters, talk to us all and actually have fun. When the younger ones complained of being tired she told me she was sorry that they had had to stay out for so long and felt bad…. we were out for 5 hours:

I do love my big girl but I do hope this behaviour doesn’t stick around. Its horrible. We survived though. Exhausted but all happy again, we headed off back to Nanny and Gramps where they were thankfully feeling a little better too.

I can tell you Poppy was back to her normal self and once again nice to her sisters too. Fresh air really can cure the strops.

Karen x